*NEW* The Dropship Lab: How To Launch A Drop Shipping Business In 5 Days Course

*NEW* The Dropship Lab: How To Launch A Drop Shipping Business In 5 Days Course

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    • The purpose of this course is to cut out all of the noise and additional steps that many business coaches try to teach you are necessary to run a successful business.
    • There are absolutely a lot of steps that can be necessary when launching a business, but it entirely depends on which business you want to start.
    • Simple drop shipping brands like the one you'll be able to start after taking this course, require a limited amount of steps in order to launch. Follow these steps to the T, and you'll be launching in 5 days.

    What Is Dropshipping:

    • As a business owner/entrepreneur/seller, you have a website where you sell products. Prior to launching that website, you arranged with a wholesaler that when people order the products from your website, the wholesaler will ship the products directly to your customer on your behalf. So you never keep products in stock and you never ship products.
    • Customers purchase from you. You notify the manufacturer/wholesaler. They ship the items on your behalf to the customer. The customer thinks it came straight from you.

    Why This Is Important:

    • Starting a business can be expensive and most people that have entrepreneurial dreams do not have the funding to order thousands of dollars worth of inventory.
    • It doesn't help that a lot of manufacturers have MOQ's (minimum order quantities), meaning they require you order a certain amount. Some manufacturers' MOQs can be up to a minimum of 2,000 items per order.That doesn't work for everyone.
    • Drop shipping allows you to get started sooner because you aren't waiting on funding or waiting on products.

    Drop shipping allows you to own a business, make money every day, without ever having to lift a finger to package and ship products and make trips to the Post Office. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money in the e-commerce space, ideal for those who have low start up funding and are low on time in their lives right now.

    If you think drop shipping is right for you, then take this course and prepare to launch your business in 5 days.

    Includes EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE LABEL DROP SHIPPING VENDOR VAULT in hair extensions, mink lashes, custom clothing, mugs, bags, smoke accessories, skincare, hair care, makeup, & pet products.

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